The Songs Gamblers Can Listen to While Gambling

Gambling can be very fun, but don’t you think if there was some good music accompanying you in a casino playing games you would be more exhilarated. Below are top 7 songs you can listen to while gambling in a casino.

1: The Jack – AC / DC

You can give your game in the best online casinos 2018 a good pinch of adrenaline with this song. A daredevil lady hands out the cards here, from full house to royal flush, everything is included.

2: The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

Country singer Kenny Rogers already knew in 1979 what is important in the casino. From responsible gaming to house rules, with “The Gambler” you are on the safe side.

3: Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones

This title is absolutely rightly part of our most famous casino songs of all time, because this blues-style evergreen tells the story of a notorious player who even neglects women.

4: Poker Face – Lady Gaga

With this song, world star Lady Gaga started her career in 2008 and immediately made a number 1 hit. And finally, you can use a poker face in the casino.

5: Huck’s Tune – Bob Dylan

Music legend Bob Dylan deals with poker, money and relationships in this song. So better listen to Bob Dylan and Casino reviews and experiences before you go all in!

6: The House of the Rising Sun – The Animals

This hit takes place in the American party city of New Orleans and gambling in downtown. To date, the song has been successfully covered again and again.

7: Luck be a Lady – Frank Sinatra

For world star Frank Sinatra too, gambling and love go hand in hand, because the protagonist of this song hopes for the jackpot in order to win his great love for himself.